CALBO stormwater and building safety

CALBO Presidents of the Past Luncheon, Hyatt Regency, San Francisco, CA.

CALBO stormwater code compliance

EPIC representatives exhibited at the California Building Officials (CALBO) 56th annual business meeting in March 2018.  Stormwater code compliance presents another regulatory challenge for building officials.  The EPIC system may contribute to help meet and exceed various different local code regulations.  Some of these stormwater regulations can address water quality, water conservation, efficient irrigation, and effective drainage.

CALBO 2018

California Building Officials conference 2018

EPIC creates unique solutions

Building Officials from the around the state gathered to discuss regulatory process, building and safety operation, building seismic resiliency, resource management and many other workshops.  Storm water is a resource that the EPIC system can be of particular assistance to meet local codes.  The EPIC chamber does not clog in a sand profile.  Storm water can be captured and reused for irrigation without human exposure.

EPIC booth at CALBO 2018

EPIC exhibits at CALBO 2018 conference

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