EPIC green and lush lawn acts as cliff erosion control in Malibu.

The clients of this Malibu estate were able grow their green lawn organically while also helping prevent cliff erosion control.  Malibu County has regulations to limit the size of turf.  These regulations were met and surpassed by using the Environmental Passive Integrated Conveyance (EPIC) system.  Multiple areas of the property use EPIC for a variety of turf grass.  Most importantly, the EPIC water barrier liner protects the cliff erosion by controlling the water runoff.  A lined sub-drain underneath the EPIC lawn protects the cliff from any unwanted seepage.  Furthermore, the EPIC system increases drainage capacity, improves filtration while also providing irrigation.

Lawn size tripled by using the passive irrigation EPIC system.

The project was designed by EPD Consultants of Carson, CA, and installed by Armfield Design & Construction of Malibu, CA, under the supervision of Wonderland, Inc. of Mount Shasta, CA.  Rainfall is captured and reused in the EPIC green lawn area.  Therefore, storm runoff from the driveway and roof areas drains through the EPIC sand filter profile.  An existing tree is fed within the lined area because of capillary physics.  Any excess water is channeled through a sealed pipe to the ocean, hence avoiding contribution to runoff erosion of the adjoining cliff. Most noteworthy, the EPIC system is a different way to irrigate.  Because passive irrigation is not pressurized and contained, half the water grows twice the plants! As a result, the plants are able to decide when to drink and when to breathe at their own discretion.  Consequently the EPIC chamber provides a reliable conveyance within an ideal growing media.

Gallery of pictures to show the cliff erosion control installation process:


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