NDOT has released the SR28 Project Milestones News for the Community, Vol 1 issue 3.  The (linked) article features phase I milestones in 2016:

  • underpass below SR28
  • EPIC filter
  • project videos and 3D visualizations

First of all, erosion and traffic congestion were a summer reality between Sand Harbor and Incline Village.  NDOT allocated new parking space safely away from the road shoulder.  Rather than building excess storm ponds, the EPIC system was selected to filter sediments and silts at the surface of the porous parking lot areas.  This simplifies surface maintenance for NDOT because it is difficult to remove contaminants from conventional systems.  Consequently, NDOT also saved real estate space by dual use of the parking spaces.  Hence, the parking area EPIC filter is the storm pond.

Nature breaks down oils and hydrocarbons with microbiological degradation in the EPIC media profile. The non-clogging EPIC chamber gives reliable drainage. As a result, clean water can infiltrate and drain into basin watersheds.  Most of all, Best Management Practices (BMPs) like the EPIC system help to protect Lake Tahoe’s legendary clarity.  The project’s effort is another part of NDOT’s “Road to Blue.”

SR28 EPIC Filter aggregate import

EPIC Filter #89 gravel import

The lower section of the article (linked above) also features some excellent videos.  There is a “bird’s eye view” 3D visualization of the completed bike path.  In addition you can see drone flybys of 2016 construction. The incredible views from the new shared use path come to life with the aerial scenes rendered from CH2M using Civil FX.

In conclusion, below is a YouTube video link of NDOT’s Kim Smith interviewing ECS founder and CEO Jonas Sipaila.  The segment discusses the function of the EPIC filter at the SR28 project.  Sediments and fines are captured at the surface during normal rain events.  You may see construction dust on the #89 gravel chips wash into the system with the first flush.  These fines decant and settle in the EPIC system via the chamber walls and rubber EPDM check dams.  Clean water may infiltrate or drain from the EPIC filter with no vector issues.

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