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Sand Hydroponics

EPIC Total Water Solutions technology are sand hydroponic planting systems, where plants grow in SAND and not soil.  Although sand generally has not been recognized as a planting media due to its fast drainage, sand is actually a preferred growing media for most plants. Adhesion and cohesion properties of water create surface tension and capillary rise within the sand growing profile.

Nature’s Pace

Low-Flow water management to mimic nature. Washed sand media provide the perfect combination of stability without compaction and aerobic air-water ratios in the root zone without ever being over-watered.  The plants themselves make the decision of when to drink and when to breathe.  EPIC is like a water battery for plants: recharging slowly to perform efficient distribution of water.

Scientific Principles

Water is introduced directly to the roots from the inlet.  As water is transpired by the plant, new water is automatically replaced upward into the root zone by capillary action from the sub-surface reservoir.  Similar to the embankment of a stream, the water film is extended from capillary rise and high oxygen levels among the sand voids provide an ideal growing environment for plant growth.

Water conserved

Irrigation demand is dramatically reduced as every drop is utilized for exceptional plant growth.


Environmental Passive Integrated Conveyance (EPIC) apparatus and technique creates Total Water Solutions for the modern world.  EPIC drainage filtration protect watersheds.  Sustainable sand hydroponics capable of Net Zero water use, EPIC planting systems conserve water, use less fertilizer, and grow prolifically stronger plants in washed sand, not soil. The secret is the patented EPIC apparatus and method that controls the physical parameters in a sand media allowing the plant to decide when to drink, breathe, and absorb nutrients. EPIC manages water and air subsurface efficiently by mimic of nature.

The EPIC System is used for filtration, drainage, air injection, and sub-irrigation of landscapes. EPIC has been utilized for road / parking lot filtration, residential / business landscapes, agricultural gardens / hoop houses / greenhouses / fields, sports fields, parks, golf courses, water treatment facilities, solar distillation, air injection, geothermal heating / cooling, septic leach fields, sewer mining, and even salt water irrigation research.

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  • Recirculating air exchange through profile can augment heating or cooling needs of greenhouse
  • 100% efficient, passive, non-pressurized sub-irrigation
  • High BTU value heat sink to buffer root zone temperatures
  • No growing media exchange needed for life of greenhouse
  • Sub-fertilization or fertigation options
  • No tilling of soil media
  • Direct seed germination of most crops
  • Highly cost effective
  • “Better than Organic” crop quality
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“For the construction of public facilities in the State of California, installation of the EPIC system is a no-brainer.”

Myke Praul, P.E., Public Works Director/Town Engineer, City of St. Helena, California


The world’s best drainage pipe.  Superior drainage capable of managing world record storm events with no surface pooling.  No additional large drain pipes are required, saving infrastructure costs.


Aggregate filtration, passive oil and grease separation, bio-filtration of contaminants via nutrient uptake by landscape plants.  Customized filtration techniques and microbiological degradation.


Non-pressurized, passive sub-surface irrigation with minimal evaporation loss and 100% efficiency.  The secret is in capillary physics. EPIC is a water battery for plants, recharging for long-term performance.

No Moving Parts

EPIC Scientific principles utilize local approved bridging aggregates (gravel and sand) to effectively drain, sub-irrigate, and sustain H-30 loads. Sand is the secret to EPIC performance and efficiency.

Saved Annually
Projects Completed
Installed To Date

The Greens with subsurface ground irrigation (EPIC) used 50-70% less water with better turf quality than standard USGA Greens.

Dr. Bernd Leinauer, PhD, Assistant Professor and Extension Turf Grass specialist at NMSU, Las Cruces NM.

The turf and landscape design included the EPIC irrigation system with the added benefit of subsurface drainage allowing the field to be flat instead of crowned or sloped. The asphalt parking lot was sloped toward the playing field and a landscape strip with low lying shrubs planted over an EPIC system provided both filtered drainage to the adjacent creek…..This design was strongly supported by the State Water Quality Control Board and the State Department of Fish and Game. The system operated very effectively as designed…. For the construction of public facilities in the State of California, installation of the EPIC system is a no-brainer.

Myke Praul, P.E., Public Works Director/Town Engineer, City of St. Helena, Napa County, California

I have designed and installed a number of EPIC projects, and am always finding more ways to utilize this versatile tool. These include playing fields, parking areas, courtyards, pond underdrains, sand filters, infiltration and exfiltration watershed restoration elements, geotechnical bluff protection installations, septic systems, gray water systems, and a wide variety of storm water mitigations…. These projects have generally attracted a lot of attention, and they have been very successful.

William Wilson, Principal Environmental Engineering & Sustainability

Since the product was first brought to my attention in 2001, I've felt that it is one of the best products to come along to promote environmental consciousness in a wide variety of applications.

Michael J. Kosak, General Manager, Sonoma Golf Club


The Firestone impermeable EPDM liner prevents water loss to the ground table: every drop of water is used within the growth profile.  Studies reveal 60%-80% less water use compared to pressurized sprinkler or drip systems.  The EPIC system is non-pressurized, gravity driven, and 100% efficient.

Superior Drainage

The EPIC chamber is the world’s best drainage pipe. Non-clogging, patented offset interface holes provide superior drainage.  While providing filtration, approved gravel profiles drain 1″ of water in 15 seconds, sand profiles drain 1″ of water in <10 minutes, established turf profiles can drain world record rainfall events of 23″ in 24 hours without endured surface pooling.

Modular Construction

Similar to biology, sand hydroponics EPIC systems are self-contained and gravity driven by non-pressurized connections.  “EPIC Cells” connect together to form the system.  New systems can be added to established systems in multiple phases with ease.

Effortless Installation

Water seeks its own level, so the sub-grade is installed laser level which are less expensive to create than sloped grades.  The Firestone EPDM liner is rolled out, and the EPIC system is interconnected with sand tight connections between chambers requiring no gluing. The system is simply buried with the approved gravel layer and sand aggregates.

Saves Water

EPIC uses 60%-80% less water than conventional irrigation. Sand Hydroponics indoor planters are watered once per month, outdoor gardens and landscapes watered once per week even in hot desert summer temperatures.  Multiple blended water sources including storm water reuse, recycled water, shower water, air conditioner condensation reuse, ice machine and drinking fountain drains, and even specialized aerobic septic leach lines.  The EPIC system has saved billions of gallons of water in its 25 year history.


The EPIC TWS LLC team provides customized consultation of Design with AutoCAD shop drawings, Installation Technical Support & Training, and Maintenance Consultation with a Green Guarantee.  Contact us for support on your next upcoming or existing project.


The EPIC system helps sustain water efficiency and is ready to be installed anywhere around the globe.