Capture and Use EPIC stormwater planter exceeds LID performance by replacing flow through planters

Summer of 2016, Low Impact Development, Inc. installed their first capture and use project as a distributor of ECS in Los Angeles county.  The EPIC system was installed at the world class apartment home complex by GH Palmer; The Da Vinci, in downtown Los Angeles, CA.  The developer preferred the EPIC system for it’s shallow profile allowing a sitting area in courtyards for guests instead of blocking first floor views with cumbersome flow-through planters.  Consequently, the EPIC system meets and exceeds City of LA LID requirements for stormwater management via capture and use in the Los Angeles LID stormwater handbook.  The sand profile provides an ideal growing environment for the various tropical plants and palm trees, a signature of GH Palmer facilities throughout the world.

Winter rains put EPIC stormwater planters to the test

The winter of 2016/2017 put the LID stormwater planters to the test with some storm events producing over 3″ rain events during some storms.  The EPIC planters performed flawlessly without any surface pooling.  The capture and use technique of the EPIC system allowed for a portion of the Winter rains to be harvested for future use in the Spring and Summer.  The palm trees and tropical plants continue to grow prolifically in the approved washed sand profile of the EPIC system.

Da Vinci EPIC chamber layoutAerial view finished EPIC planter

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