Water Facts and Equations

Percentage of water saved

  • Rainfall collection of .62 Gallons per square foot per one (1″) inch of rainfall
  • 7.48 Gallons per Cubic foot of water
  • In the void space of the sand, gravel, and chamber the EPIC system stores 2.5 gallons per square foot
  • Weight of water 8.32 lbs per gallon
  • Average Landscape Plants Evapotranspiration Rate (ET) loss .1 – .15 Gallons per square foot per day in the EPIC system
  • Infiltration rate of gravel = 1″ of water per 15 seconds
  • Infiltration rate of sand = 1″ under <10 minutes
  • Infiltration rate of sand / gravel / and 3 year old turf 1″ per hour
  • Output of a 2″ EPIC connector pipe with one foot of head pressure is 20 GPM
  • Output of a 6″ EPIC header pipe with one foot of pressure is 160 GPM

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IECA Paper (PDF)
International Erosion Control Association paper discussing a paradigm shift in storm water management.
EPIC Road Filter Dynamics (PDF)
Discussion of aggregate filters applied to roads, parking lots, alleys and hardscapes. The EPIC system acts as a passive oil and grease separator, along with bio-treatment of various other contaminants, through the natural processes of biology and nature.
Performance results – EPIC road filtration, SR28 Incline Village, NV (PDF)
Part 2 of the SR 28 articles showing road filter performance results in Lake Tahoe.
EPIC Septic Systems
Evaluate the inventor’s details, background and philosophy that created the Environmental Passive Integrated Conveyance apparatus and method.  Patented Proprietary Information for Regulators and Installers of Individual Home Sewage Systems.
Cool Fields: synthetic turf conventional base vs EPIC base (PDF)
Heat trial case study performed in Pheonix, AZ, testing EPIC system sand base as a cooling mechanism through capillary physics to extend playable time on synthetic turf surfaces.  Results of over 50 degrees (F) cooler than conventional methods.
NMSU 2004 report (PDF)
A technical report from New Mexico State University comparing USGA golf greens.  The study included sprinklers, subsurface drip, and subsurface ECS (aka EPIC System) sand hydroponic technologies.  ECS golf greens in the study used 70% LESS WATER than sprinklers / drip and yielded BETTER TURF QUALITY!
Wildwood Commons (PDF)
Description of pollutant removal including 85% reduction of phosphates utilizing the EPIC system at a monitored residential housing project.
Baldwin Hills to Ballona Creek, Feb 28 2011 (PDF)
City of Los Angeles project monitoring report for Westpark includes results of Ecoli bacteria reduction by 97% by subsurface sand filter.

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